How To Get Your School Notes Under Control So You NEVER Miss A Thing


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I am now into my third year of being a school mum and 2 of my kiddos are at school this year so the amount of notes coming home has just doubled. eeeek

Welcome notes, swimming notes, homework notes, headlice notes, field trip notes, newsletters, special day notes, school sore notes, payment notes, tuckshop notes and the list goes on and on and on and on.

I have always had an ok system for storing notes but despite my past attempts some still manage to go AWOL.

This year from the get go I have decided to establish a clear system for myself and hubby to make sure we are on top of our school note and  homework situation so we don’t miss a thing.  I have had a little help and some crafting fun using Scotch® Expressions Tape and I will show you the system we have created in our house.

Luckily it is very simple but more importantly it is pretty to look at which makes me more likely to participate in my system as it is more enjoyable rather than the pile of scrunched up papers sitting on the corner of the bench PLUS it is working.

Below is a photo I took of our note corner and a mini tutorial you can follow if you were interested in setting up a similar thing.


Items Needed

– A clear working space

– Document holders (I got 2 because I have 2 children)I bought mine from Officeworks

– Scotch® Expressions Washi Tapes you can purchase from Officeworks

– Scotch® Expressions Magic™  you can purchase from Big W



Prettying Process

Using a document holder is one thing … using a pretty document folder is a whole other thing!  There is something about pretty things that just make me want to use them haha.

Once you have purchased all of the required items find yourself a little bit of time (most likely in the evening when all of the children are sleeping )and you start your little project.

Covering flat plastic items with Scotch 3M tape is quite easy as you can see pictured below.


You can choose to layer the tape in any order you like.

There are a couple of things that are good to know.

Firstly, always have a little bit of overlap when ending a row of tape.  You want to think about where the overlap is.  You are best to start at the back or side that is not so visible to where it will be displaying.  This gives a clean and neat finish.

Secondly (pictured below) it can be a bit tricky when dealing with rounded edges and finishing off.  It is best to fold the tape over an edge to create a clean surface.  In order to do this well you can cut the corner of the tape and fold it down one piece at a time as seen below.


This creates a nice finish with no bubbling and gaping edges.


Below is another example of how to deal with tricky rounded edges.  I found this to be the most challenging part of this project however once I understood what I needed to do it was very easy.


For this document holder I chose to cover front and back as it allowed for a neater finish and I really loved how the colour popped.


It got slightly trickier as I was covering the inside bottom of the document tray and I needed to measure the tape and cut it before sticking it to the plastic but once I understood how to do that it did not take long at all.


Overall this was a very easy project which was great once I understood a few little tricks to help finish off well.  And now I have some super cute note holders for all of my documents for the kiddos.  Miss 7 chose the pink and blue one and Miss 4 chose the orange and purple one so I know exactly where to put what and where to find it!!  #winning


You can find Scotch® Expressions Tape at your local Officeworks and Big W.  To check out more awesome back to school tutorials to do with this fabulous tape you should check out the app housed on the Scotch® Australia and New Zealand Facebook page via this link (Australia) or (New Zealand)

Have fun getting creative!!



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