Why My Family Now Embraces Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching and it still surprises me how excited I am about that!

Like many Australians, up until recently, I wasn’t sold on Halloween. I just saw it as an overly commercialised American celebration.

However a few years ago a Scottish friend changed my mind. Growing up in the Northern Hemisphere meant that Halloween (or All Hallows’ Eve) was a big part of her cultural traditions and she continues to share the fun with her children in Australia today.

The kids and I were invited to her annual Halloween party then went trick or treating. Now we are hooked!

There are a number of things I love about Halloween:

  • You can go to as little or as much effort as you like
  • You get to dress up (who doesn’t love that?!)
  • Responsible trick or treating is a great way to meet the people in your neighbourhood
  • It’s a good excuse for a getting together with friends
  • It is fun!

Trick or Treating

As Australians increasingly embrace Halloween a lot of neighbourhoods do trick or treating to some extent. A good rule of thumb if you are out in your local streets is if the front light is on or there are decorations up you can knock, if not move on.

The QLD Police have also made up some signs to indicate if people are keen for Trick or Treaters or not. Keep an eye out for them.

If Trick or Treaters are welcome at your home, download and print the poster here: colour and b&w.

If you do not wish to participate, download and print the ‘No thanks’ poster here.

If you have never trick or treated in your neighbourhood before you could also do a courtesy letterbox drop to your nearby neighbours in advance, letting them know you might pay them a visit on Halloween. However, these days I think most people keep a stash of treats by the door, just in case.

Trick or treating is most fun (and safe!) in a group, but to ensure you are welcome back next year remember to be respectful of people’s property and privacy. Keep the kids off gardens and a pep-talk about manners beforehand never goes astray!

Halloween Party

A Halloween party is also lots of fun and a great excuse for a get together.

Of course, Pintrest is full of ideas for food and games but you don’t have to do over the top to have fun.

A few simple ideas for games include:

  • Bobbing for apples
  • Pin the spider on the web
  • Make a mummy (wrap someone up with toilet paper!)
  • Monster Mash dance off

Food ideas are also endless however I always find the kids are running around too much to take notice of the food! Keep it simple with cute ideas like these spooky jellies.

Start your own tradition

If you prefer a quiet night in with the kids (particularly since Halloween often falls on a school night), you could start your own traditions.

Why not have a Halloween movie night, play a board game like Cluedo or even have a treasure hunt in the backyard. Or you could just send some crazy Halloween themed food in the lunchboxes on the 31st October!

Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, stay safe and have fun!



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