17 Mother Daughter Date Ideas To Create Memories To Last a Lifetime


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I don’t know about you but as the mother of 3 children I find I am very busy trying to do all of the things like cooking, washing, cleaning, working and putting the baby to sleep that it is challenging to find one on one time with each of my children.

Even though it is challenging I know it is really important to find time for them individually.  It is really important to me to have an open and honest relationship with my kids and I know the only thing that creates these kind of relationships is time.

I grew up in a family of 3 children with parents that worked very hard and volunteered lots of their time in our local community and church so life was very busy.  Despite it being busy I still remember one on one time with my mum.  It was often simple things like food shopping or hanging out the washing, just her and me, but I remember the chats and just hanging out with my mum.

Very, very occasionally my mum use to keep me home from school for the day and we would ride the train into the city to meet my Aunty Pam (her sister) for lunch.  These days were so special to me and I will always remember that time with my mum.

Below is a sweet short video with some fun ideas to inspire some mummy/daughter time..

One thing I have discovered about spending quality one on one time with my girls is that it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable and meaningful.  In fact, I have noticed they seem to be the most excited about spending time together when I engage them in the things they love to do every day.  Simple things like colouring in together or dressing Barbie together or jumping on the trampoline.

Below is a list of 17 different ideas to help inspire some memorable mummy daughter time.

Play Together

  • Play at the park
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play at the beach
  • Go to a trampoline park
  • Go Ice Skating Together

Create Together

  • Bake a cake together
  • Paint Toe Nails and have a pamper session
  • Build a fairy garden together
  • Colour in together
  • Make up a dance together

Imagine Together

  • Make a short movie together
  • 11275759_10153441573338324_1916273900_nDress and style Barbie together – Miss 5 has always loved to sit and dress and undress and dress and undress and dress and undress Barbie for hours.  I have to admit my inner child does love a bit of doll dressing as well and Miss 5 feels like she can never have enough Barbies.
  • Paint a Canvas Together
  • Decorate your daughter’s room together

Explore Together

  • Go for a bus or train ride together
  • Go for a Bush walk
  • Have a picnic together
  • Some of these ideas are super simple but I have found simple is often the best 🙂



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