5 Ways To Add Some Love To The Lunchbox This Valentines Day



In our house, we take a very simple view of Valentines Day. We’re not up for the commercial hype but we do take the opportunity to tell those we love, that we LOVE them!  Valentines Day falls on a Tuesday this year.

Here are 5 easy ideas that you could incorporate in your kid’s lunchbox this Valentines Day:

1. Fruit Love

Simply cut out their favourite fruit in the shape of a heart using a cookie cutter.

2. Love Notes

Kids love surprises and finding a special note just for them from you in their lunchbox has to rate well! At School Mum HQ we have designed some really cool ones that will suit both boys and girls – you can download them here.

3. Tuckshop Surprise

With the element of surprise again – how about arranging for them to get a treat from the Tuckshop without them knowing? It could be a nice cool popper juice on a hot day or my kids’ current favourite, a bag of popcorn!

4. Origami Heart With Message

This is my favourite. Write a personal message to your child (it could be as simple as “I LOVE that you are a part of our family!”) and then fold it into an origami heart. Click here for our quick & simple tutorial.

5. Heart Chocolate Treat

At this time of year, these little love heart chocolates are everywhere at the supermarkets. A small chocolate in their lunchbox (if the school allows) would definitely be a treat!

Share the love in simple ways this Valentines Day!




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