14 Disgusting Things Children try To Eat (True Stories)


We recently found our young one picking up some chicken poop in the yard which is totally disgusting and not great … so we asked School Mums what things they have had to deal with and it turned our stomachs 🙁

1. SchoolMum Cynthia: My son( was about 16 months at the time ) ate his newborn sisters umbilical cord ( found it still attached to clamp, all dried & withered) Makes us & them ( teenagers) gag still

2. SchoolMum Natalie: My son sucked a snail out of its shell … Yep didn’t get that one out in time. Let’s call it a French meal lol

3. SchoolMum Tamara: His own poop the most disgusting thing ever.. I was gagging, trying to clean it out of his mouth, 15 years later it still makes me gag!

4. SchoolMum Rebecca: Half a caterpillar, but she offered me the other half!

5. SchoolMum Melanie: The “sultanas” found in the bottom of the rabbit hutch….

6. SchoolMum Michelle: A cockroach, found a leg on her lip. Another time a moth. Saw it flapping around inside when I said “Indiana, what did you eat? Open your mouth for mummy” *face palm #kidsarecraycray

7. SchoolMum Melanie: my youngest was one day caught eating dry cat food! At least he was using a spoon I suppose….

8. SchoolMum Renee: Tonight my 4yr old peed in his sleep..while hanging half off bed upside down directly above his sister.. Need I say more lol

9. SchoolMum Lorraine: Found gecko tail hanging out of my little fellas mouth about a mouth ago he would have been 11 months, only the tail unsure where the rest was???

10. SchoolMum Andrietta: Dry skin peeled off my hubby’s foot that he accidentally dropped on the carpet poor lil man was chewing on it!!… Yuck!!!

11. SchoolMum Clare: Dog poop!! It was all round her mouth and I thought ‘where on earth did she get chocolate from?’ Then I smelt it…..

12. SchoolMum Carol: My cooking ???? (BHAHAHAHAHA)

13. SchoolMum Karen: My niece ate the cat’s spewed up furball

14. SchoolMum Jane: We still have to tell our 7 year old not to eat blu tac? He loves the stuff!

There were lots more and you can read them and the comments here but that is enough for us hahahaha …



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