My Secret Indulgence That Helps Me Survive Parenting


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Some days I find myself sitting quietly and trying to remember what life was like before kids. 

My biggest regret is not realising what I had which was the freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted … the ability to eat what I wanted … listen to what I wanted … watch what I wanted.    That all seems like a luxury now and they are such simple things.

I often think that if only I knew what freedom I had, I would have used it to do so much more while I had the chance.   Having said that, I don’t regret having my kids at all and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Nothing can ever prepare you for that moment you become a parent.  There is no training or warmup that you can do to understand fully that moment when your life goes from being all about you to all about someone else, at least for a while.

I am 9 years into my parenting gig with 3 kids along the way and it is only this year that I can feel myself resurfacing again.

One of the things that I have struggled with most over the last 9 years of parenting has been food.  Food has been such a point of tension throughout our parenting journey.  The struggle to get our kids to eat well, the relentlessness of having to feed a houseful of people 3 times a day, day in and day out … but the biggest one that hubby and I have struggled with is the monotony of food.  When you cook a healthy meal that the whole family will eat and get little complaints it becomes a regular.  Or at least it does in our house.

I swear we have 7 different meals that we eat each week and that has been on repeat for years.  Some days I just want to scream and eat something different but I am often so tired by dinnertime that I would rather suck it up and just eat the same thing as normal than have a fight over dinner. As the kids are getting older we are starting to be more adventurous with food which excites me but it is a very slow process.

Hubby and I love food … and at the top of the list is ice cream.  Our joint love of ice cream was one of the major passions that brought us together when we were dating many years ago.  My hubby was working as a youth worker at the time and I remember calling him regularly on a Friday night and finding that he was at Baskin and Robins or Cold Rock getting himself some ice cream after a big day of work haha.

In fact, our relationship with ice cream gets more serious than that.  One Friday night, my hubby (then boyfriend) came home with a tub of Homer Hudson ice cream.  That was one of our favs.  We were sitting on the couch and he fed me a spoonful of ice cream when I noticed there was something in my mouth that was not ice cream.  I pulled it out and it was a ring! He proposed and asked me to marry him right then and there sitting on the couch on a Friday night, eating ice cream together.

When we got married we ordered mini Homer Hudson tubs for all of our guests as dessert at the reception in honour of our love of ice cream.  Even 13 years after getting married we still share our passion for some good ice cream and have our own secret parent stash in the freezer that gets us through those rough parenting days.

Since having kids and getting older, one of the things that has happened to us on and off is sensitive teeth.  This is something which is devastating amongst us ice cream lovers.

We have used Sensodyne in the past so I was more than happy to try out their latest formula and I am happy to report that hubby and I are continuing to enjoy our ice cream pain free.

If sensitive teeth is something that you struggle with, then make sure you check out the New Sensodyne Deep Clean toothpaste.  It has advanced cleaning, provides 24 hour sensitivity protection, it has foam boost technology and helps remove plaque.

The last thing that you want as someone who loves their food is to be in pain when you are finally getting to enjoy the thing that you love!

Do you have a secret indulgence that helps you survive parenting and if so feel free to share in a comment I am after some more ideas J

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