10 Amazing Cakes Under $20


This e-book packs in 10 awesome cakes that you can make at home for any occasion!

To make it super easy we have included full ingredients lists, directions and even a quick video of each cake so that you can just watch and follow along.

Example Video


Product Description

Birthday cakes are a big deal in our house.  For months leading up to the big day each of our children talk often about what kind of cake they want for their next birthday.   One interesting thing I have noticed as my children are getting older is they are less keen on character cakes and more keen on flavours and decorations.

I have learnt in my time making cakes that it can be quite a costly exercise and I personally need really clear instructions if I am going to make it look somewhat presentable.  This got me to thinking … what if there was a modern birthday cake book with simple budget friendly cakes and video cake decorating instructions?

I knew I was not the person who could make this happen as I wouldn’t call myself an expert cake decorator / creator but I knew just the gal for the job.  Sarah from the Sugar Hit is a great friend and a talented cake creator and was keen to work with us on some fabulous cake ideas.

samWe hope you love this book as much as we do.  It was really fun putting it together and feel free to write in with any cake suggestions for the future as there is always room for more cake


(aka SchoolMum)




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