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School mum-300x300If you’re the parent of a school-aged child, you will no doubt understand the excitement associated with the annual back-to-school season. The kids are excited about meeting their new teacher, making new friends and enjoying all that glorious new school stationery while parents are just plain excited about the prospect of getting their sanity back!

But there is one dark, ominous cloud looming over the back-to-school sanity for parents (cue the thunder sound effect and fake lightning). And that is covering schoolbooks.

The thought of an air bubble or a crinkle in an adhesive-style book covering can send chills down the spine of any perfectionist school mum. And try as the dads might to squeeze, scrape or unpeel the pain away, they know that divorce threatens the man who says to his wife ‘It’s all right, honey. Who’s going to notice it anyway?’.

Spencil comes to the rescue of parents, and marriages, across the country with their non-toxic PVC designer slip-on book covers. Yes, slip-on. And yes, non-toxic (did you know not all slip-on book covers on the market are non-toxic and totally safe for children?).

Not only will covering books take a fraction of the time it takes to unpeel yourself from a roll of sticky, curling adhesive covering before trying to reapply it to the actual book, Spencil book covers come in literally dozens and dozens of designs by renowned international artists all targeted at primary school aged children. With covers for exercise books, A4 books and scrapbooks there’s a cover to suit all tastes and requirements.

Even better than all this, Spencil is also making headlines for helping schools financially. You see, for every book cover purchased between now and the end of February, 2014, Spencil will donate 10 cents to the school of their customers’ choice. All customers need to do is log on to the Spencil website and use the unique redemption code inside each cover to get fast cash for their child’s school. And in a brand new fundraising option this season, Spencil is also offering schools and sporting clubs up to 25 per cent of the value of their parents’/members’ online purchases back in easy fundraiser cash. For this one, the organisation simply needs to apply via the Spencil website’s ‘Fundraising’ tab. They are both fundraising options minus the sugary chocolate or the greasy sausages. Saving sanity? Tick. Saving marriages? Tick. Raising money for your school without even trying? DOUBLE TICK!

And to really make an impression in the schoolyard, there are also Spencil pencil cases, washable neoprene lunch bags, lunch boxes, A4 carrypads, library bags and homework bags to match the most popular book cover designs.

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