Did I Feel Safe In Dubai?

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Most of you will know that I recently went on a trip to Dubai to experience all the wonderful things it has to offer for families.

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It was interesting when I was first offered the opportunity to go.  You see, I have a 5 month old (as well as Miss 7 and Miss 4) and some mildly overprotective family and friends 🙂 The first response I got from family when I told them about the possibility of us going to Dubai was … “Do you really think that is a good idea … I don’t think it is safe over there for you or Ellis (Mr 5 months old)”.

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The thing was it was not just one person who brought this up but it seemed to be a theme as I shared with people the opportunity I had to go to Dubai.

This got me to thinking … was it safe?  Was I putting myself and my baby at risk? Hubby was also asking the question.  We researched for a week before confirming our yes and from what we could see and read over the internet there did not appear to be any imminent danger.

Since spending a week over in Dubai with my 5 month old this is what I can tell you …

NEVER once did I ever feel unsafe in Dubai.  In fact I would have to say it was one of the safest countries I have ever been in.

While we were in Dubai we had a very lovely tour guide Xavier from 1001 Events. We spent many hours talking with Xavier and learnt lots of things.  There is pretty much no crime in Dubai.  We drove past a few of the Dubai royalty estates and there were no big fences or security at all.  Anybody could jump the small fence and walk into the estate if they wanted.  Xavier also mentioned the Sheikhs (Dubai royalty) walk around without bodyguards at 3am if they like because there is no threat in Dubai.

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There were 3 times while we were out and about that I had to give a quick public breastfeed to Mr Ellis and initially I was afraid that this would not be ok however I found everyone to be very accommodating and respectful.  There was this one time in the local souk markets that he was desperate for a feed and there was nowhere to go.  One of the local male stallholders allowed me to go to the back of his stall and feed him while he waited outside. He did not try to sell us anything he was just being really helpful.

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There was another time we were having breakfast as some fancy smancy hotel and Mr 5 months old was sitting in a high chair.  The waiter so very concerned it was too hard for the back of his head so he made a little napkin pillow to place behind his head, which was so sweet.

So how did I feel in Dubai?  I felt safe and never once did I worry that something bad was going to happen.  Everybody was lovely and very accommodating and I would happily head back there again with my family if given the chance 🙂

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Written By Sam Shazzam

dubai getaway

dubai tourism platinum heritage shangri-la hotel bloggerati australia 1001 events



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