World Teachers Day 2017 : 6 Simple Ways To Thank Your Teacher



Thursday 5 October is World Teachers’ Day.  It is a chance for us to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks for the effort they go to in our classrooms and wider school communities.

As 5 October generally falls during our Spring school holidays in Australia, teachers are celebrated on the last Friday of October each year.  This year that will be Friday 27 October 2017.

Set out below are 6 simple ways to celebrate your Teacher:

1. Hold a class morning tea where everyone brings something small to share.

2. Take in something small stationery-wise (supplies are no doubt running low..)

(We found these super cute apple post-it notes in Officeworks this week that would work perfectly for this occasion. They come in a pack of 2 for under $5.00).

3. Make a large card and have every child in the class write and draw in it.

4. Bring them a coffee in the morning.

5. Get your kids to say it from the heart and fill in this acrostic poem for their teacher.
(Free template here)

6. Take in their favourite chocolate bar (see if you can suss it out beforehand).

Simple and from the heart is always best : Happy World Teachers Day!



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