14 Present Ideas For Primary Aged Boys Under $20


We seem to be having a run of birthday parties for kids at school at the moment and the present box supply is running low….

Gift cards are always great and well received – but I must say I still prefer sending the kids along to the party with an actual present. We try to stick around the $20 mark for presents.

Here are some present ideas for BOYS under $20:

  1. nerf vortexNerf Ball Vortex Howler
    These are lots of fun to throw and catch. They have a good grip around the ball, a tail that allows it to go further and it makes a ‘howling’ noise as it flies through the air! Suitable for ages 6+. I just bought one of these for my teenage nephew and he loves it.
  2. Harmonica
    Let them make music! An ideal musical instrument for a beginner. It is easy to play the harmonica harmonicaand they just get better and better with practice. These are available at most music shops and beginner versions come with case and cleaning cloth for around $20.
  3. Board Games
    There are a lot of excellent board games in this price bracket – AND kids love to own their own copy of a game, don’t they..!
  4. leoLego
    It has to be on the list – it is a classic and boys of all ages enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be a big set – any lego is good and can be added onto existing packs.
  5. Books
    Whether it be a classic like The Secret Seven or something more light-hearted like Tom Gates – books are great gifts. Books about topics like Minecraft, Starwars, the Olympics or Dinosaurs are popular choices.  Joke books are also a great gift.books
  6. Jigsaw Puzzle
    Anything from 100 piece upwards is a good challenge.
  7. Super Soaker
    Water pistols are timeless. They are annoying for everyone but the person holding it – admittedly! BUT they are still a fun present.
  8. Pop Up Soccer Goals
    These are lots of fun to play a quick game of soccer in the backyard or local park. They are portable and quick to set up. Simple versions are available at most department stores for around the $20 mark.
  9. head torchHead Torch
    Whether they’re in to camping or not – head torches are great. They can be used at home, school camp, holidays, sleep overs etc.
  10. Globe or Atlas
    Let them dream and explore the world from the comfort of their home.
  11. Magic Tricks Box Set
    Abracadabra Abracaday make this present be the best today….! Kids love to be a bit tricky and a little magic is the perfect thing for this. magic trick
  12. Binoculars
    Super practical and lots of places for them to use them. Whether they take them to the next sporting event or bushwalking, they are bound to like them.
  13. Voice Changer
    This is a cool megaphone gadget that amplifies and changes your voice to sound like a robot, old man or kid. These are available from the National Geographic Shop.
  14. Frisbee
    This is a great present – they are fun for any age. You can take them easily to your local park and they are hard to break and if you leave them out in the rain – they’re ok too! Kids can play frisbee golf or ultimate frisbee with them.

Hopefully there are a few ideas here you can use for your next birthday party.



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