School Mum Code Of Conduct

School Mum Code Of Conduct

We thought everyone would use common sense but sometimes people get caught up in the moment and forget, so here are the rules of the gaming for being part of this community.

This Code of Conduct applies to you if you have joined any of our social media platforms or our website.

1. This is a community. Play nice.
2. Be respectful and considerate of other people.
3. No spam, no trolling, no bitching, no bullying, no nastiness!
4. Don’t add material or links that you don’t trust or could infect other people’s systems with viruses or malware. Let people know if your account has been hacked and do everything you can to stop viruses from spreading.
5. Think twice before adding comments and images. Are your comments/images appropriate?
6. It is okay to have a different opinion, just don’t start a heated debate about it. Everyone is here to share their different experiences.
7. Keep your language clean. We don’t care if you want to swear out loud at your phone, just leave it out of your written comments.
8. You are responsible for your content. If any legal action or threat of legal action comes to us as a result of your content, you agree to indemnify (protect us) us against any costs or damages arising from that action. This applies whether the problem is copyright or other intellectual property, defamation or something else.
9. The admin team give up their time to run the group for you. Please show them the respect they deserve.
10. Leave the admin to the admin team. If you have concerns about posts or comments, contact our admin team and let them handle it, don’t start a public slanging match.
11. If you are really not happy about something, tell the admin team privately.
12. Don’t ask the admin team to mediate a dispute between you and someone else on our platform. We are not responsible for resolving your differences and we will not spend time trying to work out who is wrong or right.

Consequences of bad behaviour

Just like dealing with kids, there are consequences for misbehaviour. If you can’t comply with this code of conduct, we will remove your post and may block you from the group. There are no appeals our decisions are final.

Please don’t try our patience, we have families and no time for being patient with you.
Remember, just because you got away with it once does not mean it is okay and does not mean that we will let you get away with it again.

Play nice!


In case you hadn’t noticed, very little on social media is private. If you join one of our social media platforms, whatever details you have put on that platform will be available to anyone else, depending on your privacy settings. We have no responsibility for privacy on social media platforms, you need to check the privacy policy for each platform.

For forums on our websites, we will manage your information consistently with our privacy policy, but any information you put into your profile and all of the comments you post will be available to everyone else on the forum.