One Mum’s Story About Her Relationship With Her Washing


Washing! If you have kids then you usually have an abundance of washing and don’t you know it! I have four kids now and for some reason I have really noticed the increase of dirty clothes since baby number four. I can no longer take weekends off washing.

Strangely though I have an appreciation of washing-not a love for it by any means and not a desire to do your washing (sorry!). But to me, washing reminds me of life and all it’s blessings.


You know when you can’t have something, even the bad parts become appealing? Well in my years of battling infertility I longed for messy floors, crazy meal times and piles of washing! And now that I have made it to 4 kids, I still appreciate the reminder in my washing piles. I am not one of those clean freaks who needs to have everything in order everyday and I do sometimes get frustrated of the endlessness of this task, but when I am doing washing I am reminded of the many blessing – life for one! Four kids and a husband is such an amazing blessing in my life. And not only their existence but the abundant one at that. I think much of life can be summed up in a washing basket. Size 10 girls school uniform, gymnastics leotard and dance outfit – you have a picture of my eldest child. Tiny wonder suits, cute little cloth nappies and spew rags – yes we have a young baby! Throw in some wiggles tops, running gear, very dirty boys clothes and you get one big happy family.

Maybe the novelty will wear off, maybe it won’t. But I think while there is life there is washing. Unless you are having one of those weeks of a gastro infected house, let your washing remind you of life. The enjoyment that has brought you these dirty clothes and know that you have served your family well. Not just by washing their clothes but through the things that let them get dirty clothes in the first place.

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Written By Kristy Harmer



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