5 Reasons It’s Good (FOR YOUR CHILD) to Volunteer At Their School


862490_29326952 (Small)Further to the last post in this series on the benefits that volunteering at your child’s school brings to you, this post covers the benefits that volunteering at your child’s school brings to your child.

Benefits of volunteering at your child’s school – For your Child:

  • Helping teachers teach more effectively. Helping your class teacher with mundane tasks (sharpening pencils, sorting permission slips, etc.) frees up their time allowing them to spend more time with the students, educating.
  • Children learn better. Being involved in your child’s education can help boost their confidence at school and it can also help you reinforce their class learning’s at home in a more effective manner as you understand what they are doing and how the teachers teach them. Volunteering for in-class activities can provide you with the opportunity to identify/understand potential learning issues that you may be concerned about.
  • Children enjoy school more. Children whose parents volunteer at their school tend to enjoy school more and show a higher level of involvement. The notion of their mum visiting school makes their day more exciting and enjoyable. It also reinforces that you care about their education and the importance of it.
  • Improve the school environment for your child. Volunteering can help your school raise valuable funds, which in turn provides your child with better facilities, learning tools and opportunities.

If you volunteer at your child’s school, what benefits have you noticed? If you are keen to volunteer but don’t feel that you have the time or ability, take a look at our post coming soon in the next installment on the different ways you can volunteer either in or out of school time and with/without contact with other mums/students.

This article was written by Lorraine Salvi; owner and Founder of MumsDelivery – providing solutions for Busy Mums. Lorraine is a Mum to 3 young children and a recent recruit to the joys of being a mum with school aged children.




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