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Sometimes I get so frustrated by the constant mess around the house and then I look outside for a glimmer of hope and see the array of toys, bikes, tools and general rubbish that litters my yard … its all too much! 

Recently we did some little renovations and added a nice deck to our old house which is wonderful but to be honest the extra space was consumed by the ever expanding clutter until it was no longer relaxing to be out there. The family never put things away it seems but if I’m honest its sometimes because they don’t know where items actually should go … they need places for things that are practical and easy to use.

Enter some great outdoor storage solutions. These days you can get all sorts of nice storage that gives things a place and the upside is that once everyone knows where stuff goes, I can ‘make them’ store it properly. We have teamed up with The Outdoor Store to offer a discount code for schoolmums at the bottom.

Storage Boxes

We use 3 of these and they have been great for pool toys, sporting gear (even skateboards, ripsticks etc) and also for towels/togs/goggles etc on the deck.  Some of them double as seats which is great in the pool area and they have drain holes in the bottom to stop them filling up with water.  We actually started with a nice timber pool storage box but the lid was heavy and dangerous for little fingers. The plastic one is easy to lift and never slams down … and its lockable too.


Some examples from

Storage Cabinets

storage-cabinetThese simple light weight storage cabinets are awesome for hiding the clutter and keeping any dangerous items away from little hands. Chemicals, tools or anything else that is better hidden are great in these at the end of the garage or even beside the house.

Although there are lots of these types of cabinets in other materials, I love that these are light weight and also easy to have delivered. They require some assembly but nothing too complicated … they have steel hinges on the doors.


Rubbish Bins and Bikes

I’ve used screens to hide my bins at a few places but here we wanted somewhere to put them at the side of the house. I decided to use a small storage box. I leave the lids open on the bins and just lift the large lid to get in.

wheelie bins

These are also great for bikes, surfboards, fishing gear … anything you need to get to a lot. Some are lockable but just check if you need that.

See more at

Garden Sheds

I’ve had metal garden sheds plenty of times but I also like the look of the plastic ones. Obviously its very strong and yet light weight for delivery. They include a base so you don’t necessarily need a concrete slab. They are also great if you need more temporary storage at a rental or unit.


Why buy our sheds over metal sheds?
Keter resin sheds can withstand the problems that metal and wooden shed owners usually encounter. Their structure resists moisture, humidity, insect infestations, rust and rotting. Additionally, this type of shed does not require treatment or protective coating unlike wood and metal. Keter Sheds don’t dent like the metal sheds and look aesthetically superior.

Check out the full range at

10% OFF and FREE Delivery

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I’m slowly re-claiming the deck and yard. Once we get it all finished and landscaped I’ll post some pics!





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