Should You Take Your Kids To See Despicable Me 3


I’m always a little skeptical when sequels run past the second movie, even if the first two times where successful. However, my kids are minion obsessed so when we were invited to see the Despicable Me 3 premier, how could I say no?

I’m pleased to report that my children are now even more minion obsessed and the third movie in the Despicable Me franchise definitely lived up to their expectations.

In this story we learn Gru has a twin brother, Dru, who wants to learn the family tradition of villainy. Gru is reluctant however, as he has turned good, working as an agent for the Anti-Villain League and living the straight life with his new wife Lucy and three adopted daughters.

Meanwhile the minions, who are fed up with being good, have rebelled and left Gru to follow their own destiny, which leads to some delightfully hilarious subplots and great songs.

Speaking of the soundtrack, as with all good children’s movies, there is something for the parents. Adult audiences will love the retro throw back courtesy of the movie’s bad guy: Balthazar Bratt. A child star stuck in the 80’s, he brings rocking songs and Jane Fonda-eque moves to the party.

All three of my kids loved the movie, even my 3.5 year old daughter, who had never been to a cinema before. There are no scary scenes or inappropriate references apart from one suggestive mention of “boobies” by one of the minions.

Despicable Me 3 was a great family movie that was a lot of fun to watch. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for some lighthearted fun this school holidays.


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