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Halloween is certainly catching on in Australia but its still quite divisive … some people don’t like it at all but each year more and more kids are knocking on my door for a trick or treat.

Free Signs

In our street, there are a few houses who want to participate and some that don’t so we used to put little hand written notes on the houses that were interested. Now the QLD Police for safety and convenience reasons have made available some


If Trick or Treaters are welcome at your home, download and print the poster here: colour, B&W.

If you do not wish to participate, download and print the ‘No Thanks’ poster here.

Some advice from the people in blue ….

To make sure the night doesn’t become a nightmare, Trick or Treaters should:

  • Be accompanied by a mother or father monster at all times (or another responsible witch, ghost or vampire);
  • Black cats love to slink around, but you should walk, not run, between houses and stick to the footpath rather than the road. Black cats don’t want to be seen, and for good reason, but if you wear black, it will reduce your visibility to passing motorists;
  • Never enter a stranger’s house, even if they have invited you in after knocking on their door; and
  • Consider joining your friends on your neighbourhood adventure – there is safety in numbers.

FREE Scary Music

Adding to the spooky mood we played some music last year and I just found this youtube video that goes for about 30 minutes and played it through the stereo … It worked a treat (get it!) …


Easy Cake Idea

A friend of ours made a super easy Halloween cake with a sponge base and some easy decoration of spiders made with Oreo biscuits.





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