5 Fun Ideas For Father’s Day



Father’s Day is fast approaching. It is a day to celebrate fathers and father figures and the influence they have in our society..

Here are some ideas of easy ways to celebrate:

1. Tackle Box

Fill up a tackle box with some of Dad’s favourite sweet treats – “Dad’s Stache!”  The trick is keeping the kids away from it until Father’s Day! (We found this tackle box for $7 at Kmart).

Tackle Box

2. Photo Frame w. Quote

We love this one and it only cost us $3 all up.  Grab a Father’s Day card that you like and pop it into a photo frame. This one sums up exactly what we want to say!

3. Pet Rock Paperweight

Go for a walk with the kids and get them to collect a rock each that will represent them.  Then glue on some googly eyes and glue it to a larger rock. This will remind Dad of his ‘bunch of crazies’ whenever he looks at. haha


 4. Father’s Day Card

This is a cute card the kids can make for Dad.

You will need:
cardstock (different prints on both sides works well)
a print out of our quote – you can download it here.

Step One
Fold the card in half to the centre as shown.

Step Two
Fold back the top corners to form the “collar”.

Step Three
Glue in the quote “To The World You Are A Dad…” – you can download it here.


Step Four
Glue on the buttons!


5. Photo Bomb Love

Why not send Dad a photo to his phone of you all with a special message for Father’s Day.  Dad will then have this on his phone with him wherever he goes. Here are some cute (not to mention free) photo opportunity ideas.

father's day photo image 1

fathers day image 2

Happy Father’s Day to our School Dads!



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