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My 4yo is completely in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Every day he dresses up as them and plays with his TMNT figurines etc… He loves them! We tend to steer him towards the ‘classic’ episodes which carry a more friendly “G” rating! Over the last month (since his obsession started) we have incorporated the ninja turtles into a few of our normal activities…

Here are 6 fun activities to do with your little ninja dude:

1. Bubble Pop

My little man loves to use his Katana sword and swing it around and whack things…so…I thought, instead of hitting something or someone, he can use his sword to pop bubbles.  So we go down to the backyard and blow some bubbles and he races around and chops them in half with his sword – so very Leonardo!!

2. Ninja Jellies

Why not make some jelly together and have it for dessert.  All you need is some green jelly in a clear cup and then add a ‘bandana’ streamer to the outside with some googly eyes. Yum!

3. Turtle Playdough

The other thing my son is into at the moment is playdough – so the other day we came up with the idea of trying to make some ninja turtles with the playdough. You will need some green playdough and then one of the other ninja colours as the bandanas. My little man uses one of the small swords from his figurines to make the eyes and mouth on each one.

4. Numchucks

Time to get your craft on and whip up some numchucks. You will need 2 empty cardboard rolls (these ones are from our paper towel) and we wrapped these in orange streamers and then added a paper chain between the two of them. Michaelangelo will love them!

5. Pizza

What do the turtles love to eat?? Pizza! In particular they love pepperoni pizza but this can be a little full on for my little dude – so we settle for ham, cheese and tomato. Making these together is a really fun activity and sorts us out for lunch!

6. Colouring In

So now that they’ve had their pizza lunch they may be prepared to settle in and do some colouring in.

Here are 5 fantastic TMNT colouring in pages for your little dude to do. These are also excellent to print out and have with you when you’re out and about and need to fill in time (dr’s waiting room, cafe etc.).


Hopefully your little ninja turtle dude will love these ideas!




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