10 Easter Gift Ideas for Teachers & Classmates


Here are 10 easy gift ideas for you to create with your child.  They can then hand them out to their classmates, friends or teachers this Easter.

(AND more than half of the ideas don’t contain chocolate!)

1. Easter Baskets

These are super cute and use things you will probably already have at your house. You will need muffin cases, paper, glue, shredded tissue and some mini Easter eggs. (For more details, visit our tutorial here).


2. Easter Puppets

Print out some Easter images. Cut them out and glue them on to thick paddle pop sticks. The recipient can then colour them in!


3. Popcorn Bunny Cups

For this one you will need clear disposable cups, paper, a marker, sticky-tape and popcorn!  Cut out some bunny ears (template here) and then sticky tape them to the cup. Then add some eyes, whiskers, a nose & a mouth and fill with popcorn!


4. Easter Love In A Jar

Fill a small jar with any lollies you like, tie a ribbon around your jar and add a swing tag. We have used mini musks in pastel colours to fit in with our Easter theme, but you can use any lollies. It would be even better if you could suss out your recipient’s favourite lolly and fill it with these. We were able to buy these jars at our local bargain shop for $1.  Perhaps you can give one to your Eggstraordinary Teacher!


5. Easter Pencils

It can be as simple as adding a small “Happy Easter from [your child’s name]” tag to a pencil.
(I bought these Easter pencils from Kmart last week – $5 for a pack of 24).


6. Little Chicks For Your Peeps

I love these plastic fillable eggs and the best bit is, they are now readily available at supermarkets and craft stores. You can fill them with a variety of things like small erasers, stickers, mini eggs etc.  To make them even cuter you could add a small tag to them saying “I’m glad you’re one of my peeps!!”


7. Easter Word Scramble

We have created an Easter Word Scramble that you can download here and print out. Roll it up as a scroll, add an Easter sticker to fasten and you’re away!


8. Easter Pops

These are super cute. Fill clear cellophane bags with a few Easter Eggs and add an Easter sticker to the top. These are really easy and the kids love them!


9. Bunny Tails

I love the cheekiness of this one. Simply fill a small clear cellophane bag (small zip lock bags work well) with large or mini marshmallows. Then add this cute “Bunny Tail” topper (download here) and you have your bunny tails ready to go!

bunny tails

10. Funny Easter Jokes

Who doesn’t love a good giggle? We have put together some fun Easter Jokes that you can print out, roll up as a scroll and hand out to friends. Download your jokes here.



Hopefully there are some ideas here you can run with for your Easter goodies this year. Enjoy!



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