15 Gifts Under $10



Sometimes the kids have a run of birthday parties to go to and the cost of buying a present for each adds up. So here are 15 fun present ideas for under $10:

(Of course these ideas could also double up easily as Christmas stocking fillers!!) 

handball1. Handballs
Most kids love playing handball and if it’s anything like our handball collection – you could always do with a few more (they seem to disappear into a black hole haha). You can pick them up at most variety or sports stores for $4-5.



2. Origami Paper & Book
A pack of coloured paper and a book of origami instructions will provide the recipient with hours of fun. 


3. Colouring-In Book and Pencils
This is all the go at the moment. Colouring-in is hip! There are lots of awesome colouring-in books in the shops. Team a colouring-in book with a set of coloured pencils and you’re away.


4. Sticker Books
There are some great sticker books out there now that don’t cost a lot. You can get them on just about any topic – so whether they’re into Dinosaurs, Dragons or Fairies – they’ll be something to suit.


5. Rubic’s Cube
Rubic’s Cubes have been a great gift that our kids enjoyed … they can watch Youtube videos these days to learn to solve them without pulling them apart (Who me???). My 11 year old timed himself and the friends all competed.  57 seconds … thanks for asking lol

6. Slinky
Slinkies are great for all ages and boys and girls. You can do tricks with them, walk them down the stairs and even learn about waves (physics). Just be prepared for the tangles (Arrggghhh).

7. Card Games
There are a stack of great card games which give the kids an another alternative to screens. Games like UNO, The Game of LIFE, and even SKipBo, Cluedo and more … watch the specials as they are often under $10. Many classic games also have themed versions eg. Avengers SNAP.

8. Stationery
Kids love stationery. A new ruler, sharpener, eraser, paperclip, glitter pens – you name it, they love it.
It doesn’t have to be Smiggle to be cool. There are many great alternatives now in Department Stores. lol



Play-Doh9. Playdoh
Put together a bundle of different playdoh colours and a few cutters.  Mostly for the younger ones but Playdoh is still fun for your older kids to sit down, relax and create something.


10. Paper Planes
Buy a ream of paper and print out some simple paper plane instructions to include.  Examples like a simple design or a fancy one (from the movie, Paper Planes).


11. Chalk
A pot of chalk is fun. If you don’t have a blackboard, you can draw on the footpaths. You can sketch out a hopscotch grid, treasure map or draw a family portrait – the options are endless and colourful!



12. Bubble Wands & Water Bombs
Bubble wands are ridiculously cheap but heaps of fun. Most department stores have them for $1 each. Perhaps you could bundle a few bubble wands together with some water balloons as well. This should encourage some fun time outdoors.





13. Books
Books are a great gift for any age … they might not be the first used present on the day but they have lasting value and its easy to find a cheap book for most children’s interests and reading level.


torch14. Torch
Once again I know it sounds a bit ‘practical’ but kids love a torch and it’s a good filler. Officeworks and most Department Stores have great aluminium torches for $3 and they usually have batteries included! Torches are also good for kids to take when you’re on holidays or for sleepovers.


15. Yo-Yo
Yo-Yo’s are awesome for anyone over about 8 and they are the sort of toy no-one wants until someone in the room has one … then everyone wants it! They’re a classic and they never go out of style.


What other suggestions do you have?



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