7 Tips To Decorate Your Next Birthday Party On A Budget Like A Pro



With a background in events, I’ve often had to be a bit creative in making a big impact with a little budget. AND a lot of the same principles apply when decorating a party for your kids – you generally don’t want to spend a fortune but at the same time want to make it look amazing & memorable.

Here are 7 things I have tried and tested that make decorating your party easier:

1. Gift Wrap

I love gift wrap. I have ridiculous amounts of wrapping paper in my cupboard and at $2 a roll, it’s a winner. I always use a roll of gift wrapping paper as a table runner for my kids’ birthday parties. Whether the theme of the party is Spiderman, Frozen, Pirates, Under the Sea etc..there is always a roll of paper to match in trust me.

2. Water Bottles

I like to theme the water bottles according to the party. This is super easy and looks really effective. Simply remove the existing label on the bottles and replace it with your own design or decoration. It is even better if you can put the guest’s name on them so that they know exactly what drink is theirs.


3. Props

This has got to be the easiest one. Use toys you already have as props on the table. Whether you build a centre piece for the table or scatter them around the room – your exisitng toys are the best! Below is an example for a dinosaur party.  You can also use books that you already have at home or you can borrow some from the local library to suit your theme. Books can help decorate your space or you can provide a sit down area where guests can retreat to if there is a lull…

4. Shower Curtain Backdrops

These are my latest discovery and they set the scene for any party. They are inexpensive (around $20 on ebay for a 2m x 2m drop) and there is literally a design for every party (Lego, Nautical, Batman etc). They are gold! Having a stunning backdrop really creates something special at the party and provides a good focal point to cut the cake and have any photos in front of as well.

5. Personalise The Party Bags

This is a super easy one to do that makes you look like you’ve taken great care and attention to the details! Just grab a sheet of alphabet stickers (readily available at Bargain Stores for around $2) and place each guest’s name on the outside of the party bags. Better still, get the kids to help out with this one. Voila!

6. Hula Hoops

This is a favourite  and I use it quite a lot. Simply use a hula hoop and hang different things to suit your theme from it. You can either hang it horizontally or vertically. It is simple and beautiful. For example, if you had an Under The Sea theme you may hang lots of blue streamers from one and hanging it above the party table like a chandelier!

7. Put It In Lights!

Again, another one of my favourites and now that they are readily available at most department stores it makes it even easier. Whether it is your child’s age or initials – it is fun to personalise the party by having these displayed in lights. (These lights are from Big W for $10).

As you can see these are simple and cost effective ways to make your party something really special and memorable.




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