7 “Bring a Plate” Ideas for End of Year Break-Up Parties


This is the time of year when you feel like you’ve just left one break up party and you’re heading to the next! They are all good and fun but by the time every club or group has a break up party – it can be overwhelming and exhausting!

Here are 7 easy ideas of things to take if you’re asked to bring a plate:

1. Watermelon Christmas Trees

watermelon photo

It doesn’t get any simpler than these beauties. They look super impressive and best of all, they’re good for the kiddos.

2. Mini Puddings


These are fun. They are just chocolate coated marshmallows (available in supermarkets this time of the year) with some spearmint leaves and jaffas on the top (held on with icing).

3. Santa Kebabs

Line up red grapes along the kebab stick and then add a strawberry and a mini marshmallow on top for Santa’s hat.

4. Teddy On A Sleigh


Oh, these are super cute and bound to be popular with the kiddos. They are a Milky Way chocolate, a Tiny Teddy biscuit and some candy canes affixed to the bottom with icing.

5. Christmas Tree Platter

Arrange all your usual nibbles in the shape of a Christmas Tree. It’s that easy and super effective.

6. Wreath Biscuits


These are super simple, Add some icing to a white tic-toc biscuit and then just add red & green m&m’s in the shape of a wreath. They look particularly good all lined up on a platter.

7. Fruit Christmas Tree


Again, the presentation of this one is everything. Simply put some pretzel sticks down the bottom as the trunk of the “Christmas Tree” and then slice up either some pear or green apple as the branches. You can decorate your tree with raspberry, blueberry or cherry “baubles”.


Enjoy your end of year break-ups and take the stress out of what to bring with some of these simple ideas.



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