Iced VoVo Cake For Australia Day



If you’re off to an Australia Day party, here’s a great cake to bake and take along. The Iced VoVo has been an Australian Icon since 1906!




You will need:
basic vanilla cake
light pink icing
raspberry jam
fine desiccated coconut

Step One
Bake the vanilla cake as per instructions and pour into a rectangular baking tray.

Step Two
Once the cake has baked and cooled, start by spreading the raspberry jam down the centre of the cake.

Step Three
Then ice the remainder of the cake (on either side of the jam) with light pink icing. (Leaving a slight border around the cake with no icing or jam will make it look just like the biscuit.)

Step Four
Lightly dust with coconut all over.

Happy Australia Day School Mums!



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