Autumn Leaves Craft For Kids



Maybe I’m willing on the cooler weather (it is still really hot here in Queensland!), but I love the change of seasons and especially Summer to Autumn when the leaves start to change colour and fall and there’s a chill in the air.

Here is a favourite craft of mine that I often do with my kids and they love it. It is both adventurous and creative.

You will need:
– a print out of our free Tree Trunk Template
– glue
– Autumn leaves

Step One
First of all go for a walk with your kids and get them to collect the leaves that they would like to put on their Autumn Tree collage. At this time of year there should be plenty of colourful options for them to pick up on the ground.

Step Two
Once they have gathered up their leaf treasures, head back home. Now you can either draw a tree trunk on a piece of paper or use our free Tree Trunk Template.  Get the kids to glue on their gathered leaves one by one to form their very own Autumn Tree.

Step Three
Once the glue has dried, their tree creation is ready for display.

This is a simple craft that you can use to teach your kids about Seasons and the beauty in each.




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