Free Halloween Activities and Ideas That Won’t Destroy Your Kid’s Teeth


Whether you love it or hate it Halloween is becoming an increasingly popular event to celebrate in Australia. My kids have been talking about it from weeks due to all of promotions in stores, ads on the TV and lunchtime chit chat with their friends at school.

As a parent I do feel an element of … not another thing costing me money and filling my kids up with sugar.

So as a great way to celebrate Halloween with the kids without it costing you any money and without destroying their teeth check out these fab food ideas you can make at home and some Halloween inspired colouring in pictures you can download for free below.

We have also included some helpful tips shared with us from the Philips Sonicare brand ambassador and Sydney based cosmetic and reconstructive dentist Dr David Dunn who offers our School Mums a tooth brushing guide for Halloween:

1. Has your child recently eaten sweets? If yes, have them rinse immediately with water or a fluoride rinse to remove/neutralise the plaque. Prior to heading out for their night of ‘trick or treating’ you may also have them use a re-mineralisation agent such as ‘tooth mousse’.

2. Set a two-minute timer and ensure your child brushes each tooth from the front to the back of the mouth

3. Don’t let your child rinse their mouth out with water, instead leave the toothpaste residue to eliminate the remaining plaque

4. Don’t allow your child to eat any more sweets after brushing, put the sweets away for later on in the year

5. Make sure your child is brushing their teeth twice a day. Prevention is better than cure.

Check out these great make at home Halloween food ideas … 

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Feel free to download these Halloween themed colouring in pages for you kids …








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