Here is How To Have Some Fun and Make A Difference With Your Kids These School Holidays


Our local council art gallery has some great activities for our kids to do on school holidays but today was more special than usual.

Maryann Talia Pau from the 1 Million Stars to End Violence Project was there running a workshop on star weaving. The kids loved learning how to weave the stars and the idea that they were contributing to a something bigger than themselves was also a bonus.

12483637_795105510634978_210772287_nMaryann’s project is her personal response to the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in 2012. Today it has grown into an international weaving project with over 500,000 stars woven by communities across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. At School Mum we love supporting people like Maryann who get out there and work hard to make a difference.


You can weave your own star with your own star with your kids by following this easy tutorial below and you can find out more about the 1 Million Stars To End Violence Project Here



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