Make Your Own Cork Message Board for $2



Keep all your notes and invitations together with this simple DIY corkboard craft. These are cork hot pot mats from Kmart and come in a pack of 2 for $4!

This is a cool and practical craft to do with your kids. They can personalise their noticeboard and keep all their important bits & pieces together! OR your kids may want to turn it into a sign for their bedroom door (hopefully not a “keep out” sign!)

You will need:
cork mat ($4 for a pack of 2 at Kmart in the kitchen section)
ribbon or rope
push pins
embellishments (optional)

Step One
Cut your ribbon to 50cm.

Step Two
Affix ribbon to side of the cork board with push pin and repeat for the other side.

Step Three
Now you’re ready to roll. Stickers, washi tape, post-it notes, buttons etc.

There are so many different ways to personalise these!

Have fun!



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