DIY Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Bunny


I love craft that is super simple yet awesome and this one fits the bill haha.

All you need is a few bits and pieces and about 5-10 mins and you have yourself a Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Bunny.

This activity is really easy so littlies should be able to manage it with a bit of help from an adult as well.


What You Need:

Plastic Easter Egg

1 White Pom Pom

2 Pipe Cleaners

1 Permanent Maket

Craft Glue

1 Battery Operated Tealight Candle (they sell them as most cheap shops)



1: Cut both pipe cleaners in half

2: Glue each pipe cleaner to the top and bottom of the platic egg in a semicircle

3: Glue pom pom on the back of the plastic egg as the tail

4: Wait for it to dry

5: Draw a bunny face on the front of the egg with a permanent marker

6: Open up egg and place battery operated tealight candle inside

7: Turn on candle and clost egg

8: Turn off light and enjoy your DIY glow in the dark easter egg bunny




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