Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt


This is a very simple idea but super fun for the kids.  If you are looking for an easter egg hunt idea that doesn’t involved sugar than this one if for you.

It is also something you can do over and over so a great ongoing play activity.  Below is what you need …


What You Need:

Battery Operated Tea Light Candles

Plastic Easter Eggs



It is as simple as turning the tea light candle on and placing it in the egg and closing the egg.  If the egg does not close tight you might like to use a little sticky tape to keep it shut.  Another tip is if you don’t have the tea light candles you can use glow sticks instead!


Once you have turned all the eggs on you either go outside or inside and hide the eggs for the kiddos to find!!

So simple easy and fun 🙂

After you have finished with this game you might like to check out our DIY Glow In The Dark Easter Bunny which you can turn these eggs into.  Check it out here…



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