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Yesterday we hit the road for a ‘Green Day’ and we were in search of the amazing heart-shaped swimming hole in the Gold Coast hinterland.

It’s called Killarney Glen and its an amazing spot for a walk, swim and for the brave a great place to jump from the rocks. Obviously over thousands of years, this creek and waterfall have carved the rock and created a great little gorge.


The swimming hole looks like a perfect love heart when viewed from a particular angle. The water was very cold and since jumping from the top was far too risky for my liking, we had to walk along to the other end where there was a nice spot for little ones to get in and splash about. From there you could swim about 30 m in through a narrow passage to the amazing waterhole.

It looks nothing like a heart when you’re swimming in it but it’s a lot of fun. The waterfall was running quite heavily and we were able to scale the slimy rocks to getting behind the drop which is always a treat. Unfortunately the waterproof camera failed us so we don’t have those shots.

Getting There

If you’re coming from the Brisbane end on the Pacific Highway, just take the Nerang exit and head west through town and out towards Canungra. We just used the maps on our phone and it was easy enough to find though probably a good 30 minute drive from the highway. Here is a map link.


Once you arrive, there is an off road car park and safety signs at the top of the short but steep walk down to the creek. There is a walking track and a car track and my advice is to try a the road on the way down if you like as it is a bit steeper, but the walking track would be easier on the way up. It does take a fair bit of energy to get back to the car especially with little ones.

Once you get to the bottom of the walk you will see a large shed and it is at this point that you can go right to view the waterhole from the top (Heart shape view is actually from the other side to cross up about 510 metres upstream) … or go left to get down to the easiest creek and swimming entry.

There are a few good jumping spots but check the water super-carefully or ask some locals about the safest spot. Another issue is that as you swim through the narrow gorge part, there aren’t any easy hand-holds for tired swimmers to either stick together or take something that floats for little ones.

Its also freezing except in the summer months!

We came with about 50cm of a large snake (at eye level yikkes) which scooted off as quick as possible … but its worth telling the kids and keeping them nearby. Just normal walking precautions but sandshoes are definitely recommended.


About 45 mins from the Killarney Glen is the famous Natural Bridge which is a much shorter and easier walk on a sealed path. Its a really nice short rainforest walk with a great cavern with the waterfall pouring through the roof. We went on to there.

The map above also has that location marked. There is little or no food stops on the way nor petrol so make sure you take some snacks, water and have enough petrol to get there and back.


There is a great park on the right on the way to the Natural Bridge and a few rest stops if you decide to take a picnic lunch with you.

We had a great day and I hope some of you get there to see it all too. If its a bit far for you try Cedar Creek 




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