Make A Dragon Using Only A Paper Plate – Free Template


Do you have a Toothless and Hiccup Fan at your house? Here’s a great craft for them to try. Follow our step by step instructions to make a magical dragon just ready to be trained.

You will need:
1 paper plate
Paint or felt pens
2 google eyes
paddlepop stick
sticky tape


Step One
Paint or colour in your paper plate any colours you like. Wait for it to dry.
We painted our paper plate black to make “Toothless”.

Step Two
Cut the paper plate in half.  Then cut one of the halves in half again to make a quarter and then cut one of the quarters into eighths.  As pictured below.


Step Three
Trim the quarter piece to form what will be the tail and head of the dragon. You can either draw your own dragon head or use our template here.



Step Four
Now using the 2 eighths pieces staple them on as the wings. You may want to trim them to form peaks at the end as pictured here.


Step Five
Staple on the tail to one end and the head to the other.


Step Six
If you would like to be able to carry your dragon around, attach the paddlepop stick to the back with sticky tape and your dragon is ready to fly!

Plate5 Photo3




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