What Play Is Teaching Your Kids That Screen Time Is Destroying


My earliest memory was my first day of kindergarten making a pasta necklace. I painted the pasta shells bright reds and blues then threaded them with beads. It was my happy place. Since then I have always enjoyed making and creating and I adore doing crafts with my kids.

As it turns out, not only is it a bunch of fun, creating has an array of benefits for children.

Motor Skills & Coordination

Allowing your kids to lose themselves in the world of crafts will usually be a hands-on experience. By using both hands, children will improve their bilateral coordination. Using implements such a paintbrush, pens, crayons, etc., gives them an opportunity to hone their motor skills.

Shot of Confidence

The eager smile your child gives you once they have completed their masterpiece is priceless. Children get a great sense of achievement and accomplishment once they have created something from beginning to end. This boosts their self-esteem and confidence and will encourage them to create more.

Creative Thinking

The wonderful thing about arts & crafts is that there is no wrong way to do it. By giving your children no boundaries, they will learn to let go of the fear of doing something wrong and will experiment and try new things. That will then extend to creative thinking that can they can apply to problem solving, innovation and much more.

Self Expression

Little people have very complex emotions that they don’t quite understand or know how to express. Through creating, children have an outlet and abstract way of expressing themselves. They can be completely uninhibited and free to just be. This leads to empowerment and fosters a stringer sense of self.

Needless to say that creating and making is a wonderful way to bring out the best in your child in many ways. Here are a few tips to encourage the process and nurture creativity.

Don’t worry about the mess

As mentioned, a lot can be gained from being uninhibited. Find a place that can be easily cleaned or lay down some sheets so your kids can get as messy as they like. It’s half the fun and allows them to be free.

Get involved

By getting in amongst craft time, your kids will love the bonding time. As an added bonus, you will also have a chance to release your inner child. Have fun and let your creative juices flow. What better way to teach your kids than to lead by example?

Set no boundaries

Try and get as many different materials as you can to give to your child. Let them choose what to make, how to make it and which materials to make it with to maximise the creative potential. This will help with their confidence as they see the project through to its completion. Try not to offer advice of other things they should add or takeaway unless they ask you for help.

Go forth and scavenge some egg trays, paper rolls and pasta shells. Be sure to share some of your kids’ greatest creations with us.



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