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It’s no secret that Star Wars is one of the biggest movie series of all time. To say my husband was excited about the upcoming Star Wars movies would be the understatement of the year haha.

Ever since he was a little boy he has loved Star Wars.  In fact a couple of years ago his mother found a storage box in a cupboard filled with some of the Star Wars toys he use to play with as a kid over 35 years ago.  The first thought that came to my mind when she brought them over was … hmmm I wonder if they are worth something lol.

He was so excited. He spent all evening playing with them and cleaning them off and enjoying his childhood memories as a little boy playing with his Star Wars toys.  He received these toys for Christmas and his birthday and playing with them created some special childhood memories for him that he has never forgotten. I have taken a pic of these very toys I am talking about below ..


As we are all most likely aware the long awaited next chapter in the Star Wars films are just about to hit the big screen.  Since it is in the lead up to Christmas there are loads of Star Wars toys stocking the shelves.  If your kiddos love Star Wars or you have a feeling that they will then you should check out some of the great things available this Christmas.

We were lucky enough to get to road test a few of the fabulous toys available and they did not disappoint.


The Star Wars Darth Vader mask was the family favourite.  Seriously that thing is so cool haha.  You put it on your head and switch it on and when you talk it changes your voice to sound like Darth Vader.  And who doesn’t love a bit of Darth Vader voice.  I swear there was a point where at least one member of our household was wearing this mask at all times in the morning while we were getting ready for school.  It was very awesome.

If you are adding this to your Christmas list remember to pick up some batteries! There is nothing worse than the kids opening up their new toys on Christmas day and not being able to use them. The whinging that occurs as a result of this is very annoying as a parent.  I have learnt this lesson many times so I always make sure I have some batteries on hand.

Duracell is an official partner of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and so naturally their batteries are my choice here. Their Duracell Ultra AA long last batteries are a staple in the cupboard our home. Long lasting means they’ll be able to power the kids play for longer – a win all round in my mind!


The second toy we had a chance to road test was the Bladebuilders Light Sabar.   It was pretty cool as there were more than 100+ ways you could build the light sabar giving it that extra element of play and creativity.  We had a Jedi in training and a girl Darth Vader on our hands … daddy was very proud.

Check out this awesome short video the kids made with the toys …

Another thing to note is that if you purchase 2 x packs of Duracell you can get a free popcorn when you see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinemas (at Coles, Bunnings, Target, IGA; and any 1x pack at Costco. refer to for more details).

There are plenty of Star Wars toys available for any budget and I spent a bit of time online looking through the various department store offerings and have put together a little gift guide of ideas starting at $3.00.

Kmart Star Wars Toy Highlights
Kmart 2 (Small) Kmart (Small)

Big W Star Wars Toy Highlights
big W (Small)

Target Star Wars Toys Highlights

Target (Small) target 2 (Small)

Toys R Us Star Wars Toys Highlights

Toys r us (Small)

Myer Star Wars Toy Highlights

Myer 2 (Small) myer (Small)

David Jones Star Wars Toy Highlights

david jones (Small)


Duracell is powering play this Christmas and giving 1 of our lucky readers the chance to win a $500 Toys ‘R’ Us voucher, plus 5 of our lucky readers the chance to win a $100 Toys ‘R’ Us voucher. To be very clear, this is a total prize pool of $1000 plus batteries for 6 winners in total.  All you need to do is comment on the blog post below and tell us your best idea for powering play this Christmas?

Terms and Conditions: Entering the Giveaway: To enter you must answer our question as part of the Giveaway entrance. You are able to only enter once via this entry option for the Giveaway. Do not submit duplicate entries or addresses as this will not improve your chances of winning. Use of Entrant Information: Any information you fill out for this Giveaway will not be used for any other purpose except to notify you if you are the winner. Drawings: The winners will selected based on the answers to the competition question. Prizes: One individual person will receive a $500 Toys R Us voucher, Five individual people will also receive a $100 Toys R Us voucher.  Total prize pool = $1000 plus batteries. The Giveaway is open only to legal Australian residents 18 years of age or older. School Mum is not responsible for (1) typographical errors, misdirected or incomplete entries; or (2) computer or telecommunication system failures or similar disruptions to email services and/or the Internet. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.  The competition ends at 11.59pm on the 16th of December 2015.




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  1. Jessica Ashbrooke on

    We always get outside for beach cricket or a giant slip and slide on Christmas Day even get the football out we always have so much fun

  2. Although not battery powered, I always look forward to backyard cricket on Christmas day…and a game of 500 in the evening!

  3. Donna Briggs-Wilson on

    Lots of play time, inside and out. Enjoy the day with family. And make sure we are stocked up on batteries!!!! Nothing worse than Mr 3 opening a present to find he cant play with it as it doesnt come with batteries!

  4. My best idea for powering play is to get PS4 out and play together as a family on Dance game that tests our skills, lots of fun and laughter by all!!

  5. We love Star wars in our Motorhome…..Hey could Toys R Us please work out how to power play this Christmas with our Motohrome? We need more then Batteries to make it go, its a 10 meter bus that needs a new engine, but I am sure Toys R Us will bring the power back to give it a New Life 🙂

  6. Katherine Betterman on

    We always power our play by making sure we have sufficient amounts of batteries stocked up before Christmas day arrives. We have a battery jar that is always full of batteries. Never knowing which are the new or the old one’s so always fun sorting through them.

  7. make sure compartments are fully sealed on the toy so child cant put in mouth ,swallow or get acid in their mouth, and enjoy the time with children as it will be lasting xmas memory of fun, noise and mayhem with powered up toys.

  8. We try to buy batteries regularly do we always have them on hand so our children don’t have to stop playing for long if the batteries fun low. We check presents before wrapping to see what see what size batteries are required and have them ready. We charge anything that requires charging the night before so our children don’t have to wait long.

  9. We love going camping so we always need to be stocked up on supplies, especially batteries for the torches when we go night fishing.

  10. Play is not just for kids. Grown-ups – even the parent kind – benefit from play as much as children, if not more. To fuel this Christmas would be even better, the amount of time spent with the children telling their stories and expanding minds with different toys, that light up to interact with on another and activity books for them to learn to read and tell mommy and daddy there new amazing stories

  11. Xmas time is the easiest time of year to power play as the kids get an injection of exciting new toys from Santa, us, relatives and friends. It’s also nice to make sure other kids less fortunate have some play also so we like to make sure we put some pressies under a wishing tree or donate to a similar cause.

  12. Our plan to power play has got to be non-powered play time. Frisbee play, backyard cricket, and board game time are all times of huge family laughs and memories.

  13. My 2 boys, 15 & 6, both enjoy electronics, the old-fashioned type. Building battery-operated cars, torches and robots. So we keep an endless supply of batteries on hand. This year for Christmas they are getting a huge DIY robotics kit. Despite the age gap, they work well together 🙂

  14. This season kids seem to get never-ending energy
    it’s all to do with the Christmas season you see…
    When kids awake on Christmas day
    they sure do power the day away
    It’s the magic that Christmas brings
    that powers these little human beings.

  15. Christmas is all about my babies! So Christmas eve is spent getting all there present ready to go and wrapped! Christmas morning opening presents and playing with them! Lunch at the beach with the extended family and then home for more playing!

  16. Belinda Koukas on

    Christmas is all about being together with family. After a lovely BBQ Aussie Christmas lunch it is backyard cricket and the sprinkler is usually put on for the little ones.
    After a big sleep that night it’s leftovers and the Boxing Day test on the tv and getting out the batteries for the new toys!!

  17. Powering play for Christmas two thousand and fifteen,
    means mum and dad are extra keen,
    to stock up on heaps more Duracell batteries,
    and when the kids are outside and are not looking,
    enjoy their Star Wars Episode 7 Kylo Ren Ultimate FX Lightsaber’s from Toys’R’Us instead of cooking!

  18. Hi mumma!
    I entered the toysrus comp above but I didn’t select the Facebook option. But I think I should have. What should I do? Is it a requirement?
    Also, I accidentally pressed ‘flag’ on someone else’s entry. Now I can’t see it. What have I done!!! I’m a complete nutter! ?

  19. Johanna Stinson on

    Best part of power play is remembering to buy enough batteries and then pop those that aren’t needed in the fridge as this helps keep them longer.

  20. Something for everyone to have fun and get involved with and into the Christmas spirit miles of smiles and endless laughter ???

  21. My children power on playing despite a tough year because they know that the number one meaning of Christmas is FAMILY. They power through play by including and sharing with their cousins, drinking lots of water on such hot Queensland days, and eating all the yummy food Nanna cooks for them!

  22. S-pending time
    C-reating, memories at
    O-utside play, the
    O-ld school way
    L-ike we did in our day!

    M-aximize imagination,
    U-nderstand kids needs,
    M-um and dad join in the fun! Delay those household deeds!!

  23. Making sure there are plenty of toys that trigger the imagination and getting on the floor with the kids and playing with their toys together !

  24. This Christmas I have brought a big packet of all the types of batteries because the ones we don’t have are always the ones we need lol 🙂 We power up Christmas day with a massive family Christmas lunch. With about 16 screaming hypo kids its always a fun day 🙂

  25. We make sure the boys get a variety of Christmas presents to stimulate their senses, including gifting experiences to them and making sure the Duracell recharge batteries are at the ready. Our greatest gift is to share the day with family and friends swimming and laughing and playing backyard cricket creating happy childhood memories to cherish for a lifetime!

  26. Merry Christmas!
    Isn’t it fun
    To say “Merry Christmas”
    To everyone?

    Time for a party
    And presents and things
    That make children happy
    And give their hearts wings!

    Our Christmas envolves with water slides and outdoor fun with family and yummy food.

  27. Our boy loves to get down and dirty in the outdoors with his toy cars and trucks, but nothing beats winning a race against his dad with their remote control cars.

  28. With a special needs child it is important to plan ahead so We power our play by keeping a fully stocked box of different sized Duracell batteries on hand at all times, especially at Christmas time. We also have a reasonable ratio of physical play to electronics time.

  29. Rebecca Thomsen on

    Living in Qld we always have to be prepared for summer storms so we stock up on batteries for radios and torches. At Christmas we make sure we have extra batteries on hand for the toys as nothing is worse than a toy stopping mid fun.

  30. To power my play all through Christmas day, my mummy gave to me:
    a big Christmas lunch of 12 ham slices, 11 chicken pieces, 10 roast potatoes, 9 bread rolls, 8 cherries, 7 mangoes, 6 strawberries, 5 pineapple rings, 4 mince pies, 3 Christmas puddings, 2 candy canes, and a great big gingerbread man.

  31. Christmas 2015 has never been here before
    under the tree are presents galore
    Powering play is so much fun
    Hours of joy for everyone
    Technology late in the day
    After power toys have had heaps of tiring play
    Battery operated noisy things
    And CDs and music for those who sings
    Love Christmas time the best day of all
    Toys, books, food and love for everyon big n small

  32. I wind up the kids with a few ideas and the tools they need and they can go for hours no batteries required. Toys are the tools their imaginations are the power.

  33. I get my kids going with a Christmas treasure hunt! I draw a map of Nan’s house, some puzzles, clues and some buried treasure to find (think gold chocolate coins, lollies etc) Then I set them on their way! (an adult follows them to help when needed) and the clues are read by their favorite characters (think minions, Octonauts etc) The excitement really powers our Christmas. Their faces light up like a Christmas tree and they move/dig like the energizer bunny!!!

  34. Stephanie Veljanovska on

    Powering Play for our family is choosing toy’s that are interactive so that everyone can join in and build our knowledge and imagination further. There is nothing that we enjoy more as parents than getting down to our children’s level and powering play with them it is fun for us all.

  35. My trick for making sure we’re always powered up is to put a sticker over the battery “door” on each toy and to write the number and size of batteries required! That way, I don’t have to find a screwdriver and open up the compartment to check if I have the right (Duracell, of course) batteries!

    Merry Christmas!

  36. No baubles, just Duracell adorn our tree
    Faces light up in joy
    Knowing their gifts of power play
    Won’t run-out of fun
    On Christmas Day.

  37. The magic of joy will power their Christmas. It’s that tingly feeling of anticipation as you wake up at 5 on Christmas morning. It’s the giggles that bounce down the hall as you tiptoe to the Christmas tree. It’s the sparkle in the eyes as your heart begins to overflow with the love you have for one another. That’s the magic that powers our Christmas.

  38. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge family water fight!!! And I always make sure the kids end up with a water pistol in their stocking (although this year it is water balloons!). And yes, batteries have been stockpiled!

  39. If your giving a gift that needs batteries make sure you supply them, it’s a parents worst nightmare if your gift can’t be played with and it causes a tantrum!

  40. Natalie Daniels on

    I make sure everything already has batteries in it already and also undo all the cables so the toys can be played with straight away!! There is also a pile of batteries in Daddy’s drawer on his desk to make sure there are back ups ready and waiting!!

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