Learn the Alphabet in the Pool


This simple pool game can help cement the letter recognition and alphabetical order … and its a lot of fun.

I’ve always loved the foam letters and we have often emptied them into the bath for the kids to practice making their name but I’d never put them in the pool. Yesterday we gave it a go and it was heaps of fun.

Just pour them in randomly and set the kids little tasks. They can be as simple as finding the letter their name starts with, to assembling the complete alphabet.


Here are some challenge ideas:

  • Find a particular letter
  • Say a full word and they bring you the first letter of the word
  • Say a full word and they bring all the letters – eg their name, family members names, shorter words
  • Assemble the alphabet
  • Collect all the vowels
  • Make a short sentence (might need more letters)
  • Assemble the alphabet backwards

Many of these will require some support but it’s a fun activity which keeps them moving and learning.



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