Make Your Own Paper Pinwheels


I have always loved Pinwheels. They are colourful and fun and better still, super easy to make.

Below are simple step-by-step instructions to make your own.

You will need:paper5
A piece of square paper
A single hole-punch
Paper Straw
Split pin



Here is our Pinwheel Template to give you an idea of where we’re heading.
(Of course, you can reduce or enlarge the template depending on the size you would like).

Step 1
Start with a square piece of paper.







Step 2
Fold it in half to form a triangle and then open it out again and then fold it the other way to form another triangle.







Step 3
Open it back out and mark the centre with a dot. Then draw along the creases using a ruler and pencil until about 1cm from the centre.







Step 4
Cut along each crease remembering to leave 1cm from the centre. Then put a hole in one corner using the single hole punch and continue around doing every second corner.







Step 5
Start folding in each dot to the centre, securing with the split pin.








Step 6
Then simply poke the split pin through the paper straw.







These are great (and inexpensive) to use for party table decorations.
You can even make tiny pinwheels and make gift tags.








Now these pinwheels are pretty and safe for little hands to make – but they don’t spin.
So, we have come up with an easy and safe way to make a spinning pinwheel that doesn’t require hammering a nail into a piece of dowel.

Simply follow steps 1-5 and then push a mini styrafoam ball on to the top of a paper straw (or you could use a wooden kebab stick) and then poke the split pin into the styrafoam ball. (The styrafoam balls are readily available at Spotlight and other bargain shops).

paper 13


Have a go today or save it up for a holiday activity. They are fun and super easy!




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