One Easy Idea To Help Make Homework Enjoyable And Fun


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My first daughter was not the biggest fan of homework right from the get go.  It was a weekly drag to get her to do it.  We decided not to push her to begin with as we did not want to turn this into yet another battle ground as we knew homework was not going away.

For her first year in Prep we did bits and pieces and tried to keep it light and fun but it was a struggle at times.  She is now 3 years into her schooling and the homework thing is getting easier for us.

It is amazing what a pretty pencil or book or desk space can do to motivate a child to sit and do 10-15mins every day.

This year we have had a little fun with some Scotch Expressions tape and created a colourful and fun desk space for Miss 7 to do her daily homework.  So far so good and she has been enjoying the space and happy to sit and focus.

Below is a tutorial I put together of what we did to create her space which has made the world of difference.


Items Needed

– A clear working space

– Magazine / Homework holder – I bought mine from Officeworks

– One Stationary Desk Caddy – I bought mine from Officeworks

– Scotch® Expressions Washi Tapes you can purchase from Officeworks

– Scotch® Expressions Magic™  you can purchase from Officeworks and Big W

– Scotch® Expressions Masking Tape™  you can purchase from Big W

– Scissors


Prettying Process

Covering the magazine / homework holder was rather easy and did not require too much skill.  I don’t know what it is about making something colourful and attractive but it certainly makes me enjoy using it more than when it is dull and boring.

Once you have all the required items you begin the taping process.

For the folder we used Sctoch Expressions Washi Tape and Scotch Expressions Masking Tape.


The main tip to be aware of when finishing off each individual tape line is to fold it under or over the edge if you can.  If you are folding over a curved surface this can be more tricky so what you can do is cut the tape and fold it over so it does not create any gapes and bulkiness.  You can see via my picture below.


You can see in the picture below that the front circle looks quite flush due to cutting and folding around the curves.


Instead of taping the entire inside of the homework holder I finished off by using a line of tape to cover the edges that has been folded over, to create a nice clean finish.  I was unable to get my hand into the holder so this was the easiest way to end it off nicely as you can see pictured below.


For the desk caddy I did things a little different again.  I chose a wooden desk caddy as it was solid and attractive so the process I used for this item was less about total coverage and more about making it fun, attractive and decorative.


I used the Sctoch Expressions Washi Tape and Scotch Expressions Masking Tape in multiple directions to create a different effect.   I also left one panel of the wood to add to the design as I thought it was a nice touch.


I covered the back and the front of the caddy and carefully cut either side of the edges to sit flush on the corners.


I was super happy with how this turned out and little Miss 7 found a renewed energy and enthusiasm to sit down and do her homework so it was a win win overall.


If you enjoyed this idea of how to make homework more fun and enjoyable you should also check out our fun and colourful system for getting your school notes under control so you never miss one again.  You can check that out here.

You can find Scotch® Expressions Tape at your local Officeworks and Big W.  To check out more awesome back to school tutorials to do with this fabulous tape you should check out the app housed on the Scotch® Australia and New Zealand Facebook page via this link (Australia) or (New Zealand)

Have fun getting creative!!



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