Why I Made A Family Bucket List


With my youngest about to turn four and my eldest about to turn eleven, I’m struck by the truth of the saying “The days are long by the years are short”.

They are growing up far too fast and I’m highly conscious that once they hit those teenage years, the time they will want to spend with me will be limited. While they are still young there are so many things I want to do and see with them.

Making memories together and staying connected as family is so important to help kids feel valued, loved and self-confident. It is also a big part of building their resilience.

The kids and I always talk about things we’d like to do but often these things get forgotten or put aside as too costly or idealistic. But not every experience has to cost mega bucks and for those that do cost a little more, it’s good to have a visual goal so you are saving for a reason.

So I decided to make a Family Bucket List. A list of things we want to do and see as a family that can be put somewhere prominent as inspiration when we are looking for something to do, and as a reminder there is always something to look forward to.

To make the list I asked the kids what they would like to include. I suggested we break out list into three different categories.

  • Things we can do at or close to home
  • Things we can do in school holidays
  • Big adventures

Here’s what we came up with:

Things we can do at or close to home

  • Go to our local food truck event
  • Go to Riverfire
  • Visit the new local waterpark
  • More nights around the fire pit at home
  • Get a basketball hoop
  • Walk along the beach at a full moon
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Bushwalking
  • Horse riding
  • Set up the telescope

Things we can do in school holidays

  • Camping
  • Explore the glow worm caves
  • Snorkelling
  • Feed wild dolphins at Tangalooma
  • Visit theme parks we haven’t been to yet
  • Animal experience at Australia Zoo

Big Adventures

  • A cruise
  • First trip on a plane (younger two)
  • See snow
  • Go to Bundaberg to see turtles hatch
  • Visit Sydney to see Opera House & Harbour Bridge
  • Visit Uluru

It was an interesting exercise to do with the kids as some of the things they suggested we had discussed but other things like “go to Uluru”, “snorkelling” and “indoor rock climbing” came as surprises.

I’m really excited about what we came up with and look forward to ticking things off the list together. Obviously some of the bigger trips will be down the track, but it will be good to have something to aim for.

I must add there were quite a few more extravagant suggestions about around the world trips that didn’t quite make the list. Admittedly, I have no one to blame but myself as I always encourage my kids to dream big!

Do you have a Family Bucket List? Did your kids have any surprise suggestions?



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