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My little family has an inexplicable affinity with the ocean and a love of all things in it, especially sharks. So when we were invited to visit the new residents of Sea Life Sunshine Coast, it was a resounding YES!

grey nurse sharks

Three Grey Nurse sharks now call the Mooloolaba aquarium home. It was amazing watching the sharks, called Pallas, Huey and Patches, cruise around and above us as we walked through the ocean tunnel.

It’s incredible to think that these toothy sea predators are actually larger than they appear through the glass of the tunnel. The kids loved learning some other amazing Grey Nurse facts, such as:

  • They live an average of 30 years
  • They go through approximately 20 THOUSAND teeth in a lifetime – that’s a new row every 2 weeks!
  • They are a pretty docile shark and not as threatening as they look.

The trio share the ocean aquarium with other shark species, rays and fish. My kids loved walking through the tunnel and we made no less than 5 circuits during our visit. A big thrill, apart from the sharks, was the giant whiptail stingray “Tsunami”.

Of course, the seal show was also a strong favourite, as were the jellyfish and seahorses. My personal favourite was the iridescent coral.

With a strong conservation message and lots of great themed activities aimed at kids such as Paw Patrol, The Octonauts and of course, Finding Dory, a visit to Sea Life Sunshine Coast is a great day out for families. There is plenty of stroller access, a kiosk and easy to access amenities.

My kids are already talking about going back!




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