Strawberry Loom Charm Tutorial


schoolmumpics on InstagramI have recently just discovered some of the seriously cool things you can do with loom bands aside from the bracelets.  I have been keen to do a little bit more intentional bonding with Miss 6 since baby bro was born to make sure we stay connected and I don’t get too busy to spend time with her.  She loves to loom so I thought a great little activity we could connect over once a week was loom band afternoon where we take on a new loom challenge.

We started out with an easy challenge and took on a strawberry key ring loom.  It is with great excitement that we were successful and it turned out just right.  My plan is to share our weekly loom challenge and tutorial on the blog for anyone with kids out there keen to make some looms.  We are just beginning so if you are a newby too these should be perfect for you.

Below are two photos of our loom as we were making our strawberry and the video tutorial on how to make it yourself.


This is what the loom should look like once you have placed on the rubber bands on in the order the video tutorial says.



This is what the loom should look like once it is ready to take off the board after you have pulled all the rubber bands over in the order the video tutorial says.


Strawberry Loom Video Tutorial

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