Have Your Cake and Eat it Too – Healthy Cake Recipes


We love cake! Cake for breakfast, cake for lunch, cake for snacks, cake for treats, cake for celebrations and cake to stop the baby crying when he hits his head! There is cake for every occasion. Our cakes differ from the norm. They are delicious but they are also super healthy and loaded with goodness. Cakes make life so easy. I whip them up as muffins on the weekends and for the week I have instant breakfasts for my feed-me-now toddler and instant school lunches for my daughter, as well as snacks for me. I love cake, here are our favourites.

I have been making banana bread for a very long time! It has always been one of my favourite foods. Our Protein Packed Banana Bread is perfect as an adult snack or child’s meal. It is free from sugar, grains and dairy yet is as delicious as any banana bread we have tried.

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The ingredients in our Caramel Mud Cake are perhaps a little quirky, however it has fooled many and is a perfect treat for fussy kids. Be brave, give it a shot, I would love to hear what you think.

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These Chocolate on Chocolate Muffins are rich and indulgent yet seriously healthy. You need try them to believe it.

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Whoever said you cannot have your cake and eat it too was, thankfully, so very wrong! Enjoy!

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02-webWritten by School Mum Bianca from Wholefood Simply – Enjoyment is Bianca’s first rule when it comes to food, followed very closely by simplicity. She hopes to relish everything that passes her lips. Her diet is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, garnished with nuts and seeds, she loves it all. She hopes to instill this passion in her children.




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