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WOW! We just had the best fun at Game Over on the Gold Coast!

This one-year-old indoor activity centre totally blew us away when we visited with three families for a party this last weekend. The key drawcard was the amazing indoor karting but this large complex also includes laser tag and an incredible Clip ‘N Climb adventure arena … And all in air-conditioning!

The first thing that struck me was that it was a lot closer to Brisbane than I expected. Its actually right opposite Movie World on the other side of the highway (just past all of the food and service centres) which made it only around 45 minutes from the city.

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When we arrived we were amazed at how modern and new the place looked and our first step was to create accounts for all the adults and children & sign the appropriate waiver forms.


Indoor Karting

Of course the first thing on the agenda were the super-awesome electric go-karts. We’ve done a little bit of karting before at some of the outdoor tracks but this stood out as the best karting that we have ever tried because the electric engines mean there are no fumes, much less noise and their better for environment.

Being a tight indoor track was much more fun than the large outdoor tracks for both the kids and the adults because it means there is a lot more racing and interaction with other drivers.

And these things are fast … They accelerate much faster through the winding track than petrol carts and I think they simulate real racing a lot better.

The safety was great too because you really couldn’t run off the track too badly and even the kids could drive junior carts from about seven years old. The carts can be controlled remotely to maximise the speed which means that children of all abilities can have a go.

Once the adults got on the track in the senior carts, all caution was thrown to the wind as we ripped around the 14 laps. It seems a lot longer because it so action packed with lots of exciting overtaking.

Each driver is timed on every lap with places awarded on the fastest lap and an overall ranking given on a printout that you can take home .

We totally loved it!! Will definitely be back 😉


Laser Tag

Next up was the laser tag which catered for everybody from 4 to 44 in the one battle. This too was sensational and the kids had a complete ball running around targeting the adults and each other. Once again everything was super professional with excellent briefing, set up and results at the end.

I was struck at how organised this new and modern Game Over facility was with little gates to make sure everyone moved in the right direction. Our party host was really friendly and nothing seemed too much trouble … they even took photos of our group to send to us as a record of our party.


VIP Room/ Party Room/ Balcony

We were lucky enough to get the VIP room which is a beautiful corporate area overlooking the main kart track. It has large screens on the walls which would be great for any kind of corporate event and the atmosphere is fantastic … And so clean and modern. There is also a great party room or you can be on the balcony overlooking the track.

There are party options to pay for the exclusive party room or several parties can also be on the balcony area.

Our party had a catered hot tray of party food and some delicious Darrell Lea confectionery with drinks as well for the kids. There was more food than we could eat but we were keen to get onto the Clip ‘N Climb adventure arena anyway 😉




Clip ‘N Climb

Once again I’ve done a fair bit of indoor climbing but this centre had a great mix of novelty activities along with a few more standard rockclimbing walls. There were 16 different climbing activities and each one had three difficulties to challenge the climbers. Everyone was climbing almost all of the 45 minute session.

After a briefing and a check of the harnesses, all of the kids could hook themselves on and off safely and there were three staff on the floor to assist and check that people hooked on correctly.

Overall the staffing at Game Over was incredible to the extent that I asked if it was normal … and it was. There was just so much help at every turn and the systems for briefing and checking safety were great. It put my mind at ease.


 Leap of Faith

As an extra activity and a confidence building challenge, the Leap of Faith lets kids and adults jump out from quite high to grab either a trapeze or punching bag. The kids love this with most of them succeeding although there was one or two who didn’t quite feel up to that challenge yet … Then again none of the adults did it either haha.

Maybe next time.


Horizontal Bungee

At the end we were able to have a go on the horizontal bungee which was a lot of fun and certainly brought out the competitive side again. The kids had seen this before but they enjoyed challenging their friends.



The centre is available for visits where you can buy admission to any of the activities and also caters to parties and corporate events where you can choose from the menu of offerings. Obviously price varies depending on what you choose but the centre is very flexible and able to provide a wide range of packages.

Party packages start at $20 per person plus catering but the more activities you add of course the higher the price. The best idea is to contact Game Over to get some indicative prices for the activities you want. The karting is the most expensive activity followed by the Climb ‘N Climb and then the laser tag.


We completely loved our afternoon at Game Over with out exception. Everyone across the age range (4-44) raved about the venue and every activity was great.  The kids described it as the best Saturday ever (even though it was Sunday haha).

It’s just good sometimes to go and have some pure fun in a nice safe place with some friends. The fact that it was all indoors, out of the sun an air-conditioned made the afternoon very enjoyable and we will absolutely be back!



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