Top 5 Boy’s Birthday Party Themes


Birthday candlesHaving a party theme isn’t just for AR/OCD people like me. It really does make the decision making process a whole lot easier – from the invitations and decorations to the cake and party bags.  Just beware of agreeing to an obscure theme before you have checked what you can source. After the Speed Racer party my kids now have to pick a theme that I stock!

Having one of each gender guinea pig in my testing laboratory, combined with focus groups (aka my 5yo daughter, 8yo son & their friends), has given me valuable insight in the last few years. Kids do have different likes but we’ve focussed mostly on themes for kids 5+ and those that are everlasting, rather than the shortlived fads, to give you our most popular boys’ themes.


This theme can vary depending on the latest movie promotion but recently The Avengers, Spiderman and Batman have been the most popular, with Superman likely to fly in front when his new movie comes out. Girls don’t seem to mind this theme either – I’d be happy to see Wolverine or Thor at my next birthday party…


Arrggh, who doesn’t like some swash buckling fun?!  This is also a great theme for mixed parties and very easy to theme with a huge range of pirate decor & accessories out there from skulls, maps and flags to classic black and red decor, as well as a treasure chest of pirate party ideas out there.


What is it about a T Rex that can get even the most timid kid enthralled? Just wait until they’re old enough to watch Jurassic Park.  In the meantime, again this is an easy theme to plan for from eggs to fossils, limited only by your imagination (and google).


This is one of those other four letter words in my house. I know it’s better than computer games and I am constantly amazed at my son’s creations but despite the most organised lego storage system I could possibly create, it still spreads like herpes. I’ve finally agreed to do this theme next month for my son’s birthday so will add some more photos to pinterest in July. It’s been my most challenging theme and my advice for this one is keep it small and special unless you have lots of time, creativity and money (and don’t walk around the house in bare feet…).

Star Wars / Space

I think you definitely need the Y chromosome to get this one and I can hear that music playing in my lounge as I type! I wouldn’t mind a pet Ewok or Wookie though and this was one of my favourite ones to decorate – blacked out walls, flashing lights, glow products and life sized characters. Hmmm think I know now why one kid was too scared to come in..

Other popular boys’ themes include Monster and Western, as well as Ben 10 and Cars which were both hugely popular up until this year. Harry Potter and Scooby Doo seem to have a dedicated following still and more recent fads include Minecraft and Laser Tag.

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Michelle is the founder of Ezy Kids Parties which offers party services across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, in over 20 themes. We love to keep kids entertained and parents stress, making every child’s birthday full of good old fashion fun and wonderful memories.

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