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On Sunday the kids & I had the opportunity to see the Premiere of Joe Wright’s PAN.
In the words of my 7 year old daughter “that was dramatic”. If you are up for an adventure packed movie than this one is for you. (I needed a little lay down when I got home haha).  It is quite epic and busy and light-hearted moments are few and far between.

The movie is rated PG and has a run time of 1hr and 51mins.

The movie starts in a bleak orphanage in London where mischievous 12yo Peter (Levi Miller) makes the best of his situation and antagonises the residing Nuns as much as possible. The real adventure however begins when he is whisked away one night by a large flying pirate ship and taken to Neverland where Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman), the ruling dictator, enslaves the children and forces them into manual labour. Blackbeard is ruthless and offers “no mercy, no pity, and no second chances.”

Peter manages to escape Blackbeard’s clutches for a short time and sets out in search of his mother, whom he believes resides with the natives on another part of the Neverland island. Through many twists and turns Peter ultimately discovers his destiny and the key to the Fairy Kingdom.

The movie is relatively easy to follow. Some of the action scenes are full on, especially towards the finale where multiple flying pirate ships are battling it out.  It isn’t a whimsical movie.  Rather it is fast paced, colourful and technically brilliant.

Our very own Hugh Jackman is amazing and unrecognisable as Captain Blackbeard – as is another young Aussie recruit, Levi Miller who plays Peter.

I would recommend it for 8yo upwards. To be honest, my 7yo daughter was probably borderline. There are some pretty scary parts, freaky pirate faces and the whole concept of being plucked from your bed while you’re sleeping (which is portrayed in the opening 10 minutes of the movie) is probably best for your older kiddos.

The movie serves as a good prequel for the boy who will never grow up and will forever be known as Peter Pan! 

You can check out the trailer below …


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