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My 9 year old daughter has one main thing at the top of her Christmas wish list this year which is … a fitness tracker haha.  Who would have thought?  I recently got one myself so I know this has inspired her desire to own one also.  She is a bit of a math brain our 9 year old (chip of the old block) and like me loves the data side of my fitness tracker.  She is often taking mine off my wrist and putting it on hers and running around because she loves tracking how many steps she does.

When MILO came to me with their latest champion band fitness trackers for kids to run a giveaway I was like … SOUNDS AWESOME!  My daughter would LOVE one of these and I know there would be other kids out there who would too so we have 5 to give away below .

Here is a little blurb from MILO about why they have made these ..

MILO knows how important it is for kids to stay physically active and nourished with a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why they created MILO Champions.

To help kids to get active, the MILO Champions band is an affordable health, fitness and activity tracker for kids aged 6-12, designed to help kids make the most of every day.

The easy-to-use band tracks a child’s steps, kilojoules burned, time, distance and activity progress. By syncing it to the MILO Champions App, kids join the MILO Champ Squad where they can track their activity, learn new skills and set fun challenges with their friends, making engaging in sport fun and more rewarding than ever before.

With their own dedicated section, parents can also monitor their child’s energy balance by using the meal planner and simple activity tracking tools. And to keep their kids motivated, they can send them reward badges with personalised messages of support to help inspire their little champion.

The MILO Champions band is available at Harvey Norman for $39.99.

For more information, please visit

Win 1 of 5 MILO Champion Band Kid Fitness Trackers



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