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I was in high school when I first found out I was a serious teeth grinder.  I was having jaw pain on and off and my mum took me to the dentist and they put it down to teeth grinding.  There were some other visible signs as well.  I had managed to grind all of the tip of my pointer teeth away and the bottom of all of my side teeth were completely flat.  If you looked at them in the mirror they were like a puzzle that fit perfectly together in the motion that I would grind my teeth at night.

The dentist recommended that I get a teeth grinding mouthguard as I was doing quite a bit of damage to my teeth and the only way to stop it was to wear the mouthguard while sleeping.

I remember it costing my parents a good $500-$600 but what choice did they have. I remember getting the mouthguard.  It was clunky and really hard but I knew I had to wear it.  I wore that mouthguard for quite some time but somewhere along the way it got lost.  I still have no idea where it went to.

For the past few years I have been thinking I need to get myself another one but have not been jumping at the idea of laying out $500-$600.

Then this really awesome thing happened.  Completely out of nowhere I was sent an email from the lovely folk at The Knight Guard asking if anyone in my family suffered from teeth grinding and was I interested in trying out their teeth grinding mouthguards.

Ummmmm hell yes I am!

You see The Knight Guard deliver the exact same high quality dental mouthguard for a quarter of the price.  How is this possible I hear you say??

The Knight Guard  offers the convenience of receiving an at-home, DIY impression kit; taking the impression of your teeth yourself; and having the night guard delivered, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. These knight guards are custom made by qualified dental technicians and delivered to your front door.

I used myself as a guinea pig so I could show you exactly how the process works.

Once you have ordered your Knight Guard you will get am impressions kit arrive at your home. Depending on the type of knight guard you are after will depend on whether you get a single or double impressions kit.

Once the kit arrives you combine one tub of the orange and one tub of the grey putty together until it is a consistent colour.

You then roll it into a sausage and place it in the purple mouth mould.

You then pop that in your mouth for just over two minutes creating your own teeth impression.  It’s very attractive I know!

Then after your 2 minutes you remove the purple mouth mould and place it under cold running water and leave it out to dry.

Once it is dry you pop it in a plastic bag provided in the kit.  The box you received is addressed to be sent back to the lovely folk at The Knight Guard so all you need to do is pop it back in the box, seal it with the sticker provided and pop it in the post.

Once you have done that it is only a week or two before your very own knight guard arrives in the mail custom made by qualified dental technicians just for you.

The Knight Guard was a perfect fit for me and it was such a simple and easy process that costs a quarter of what you would pay at a dentist. There is a full instructional video they send you to show the exact process when creating your teeth impression so you don’t have to stress about getting it wrong.  They also have a spare set of putty in case you need to do it again.  Here is an example of the video …

These night guards are Made by IHL, which is the dental manufacturing company behind Australia’s premier custom mouthguard brand, Gameday Mouthguards.

If you have a teeth grinder in your family I can not recommend these enough.

They cost as little at $129.99 and you can check them out here …



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