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Mischievous Little GirlsThe 2014 school year is just a few weeks away. Most of the country is in the midst of another hot summer, and the back-to-school/summer combo means that your children will be bringing home more than just uneaten lunches and homework…yep, that’s right – HEAD LICE!

After one bout of head lice within my son’s first few months of starting school, I felt absolute dread that this may be something that I (and my son) could be facing for years to come! Aside from the itchy, gross and disgusting feeling that head lice bring, I absolutely hated the repeated treatments and combing process that I had to put my son through to treat both lice and eggs. I was also concerned about his repeated exposure to harsh and potentially harmful chemicals in the various head lice treatment products from the chemist. I was determined never to have to deal with lice again. And, I certainly know that all of you can relate to that feeling. So, I decided to take these bugs on – MUM STYLE! I developed Nit Free For Me, an all-natural, daily lice prevention spray. I’ve used it on my son on a daily basis and he’s never had lice again! Despite some fairly chronic outbreaks within his school, and even in his classroom, to this day, over two years after his first and only infestation, he’s remained head lice/nit free!

But, prevention aside, if you have an infestation of lice, how can you treat your children without using nasty, expensive chemicals? Easy! The answer is on your supermarket shelves and it’ll cost less than $5 to treat the entire family! You need vinegar, mayonnaise, and a cheap exfoliation glove. That’s all. Use the exfoliation glove to “wipe” sections of hair. The roughness of the glove will give you traction and get the nits/eggs out in batches.

Here’s another little trick: before doing the mayo treatment, make up a solution of half vinegar, half warm water. Equal parts (about a cup of each per child). Rinse the hair with it. Work it in well. Don’t rinse with water, just lightly towel dry to damp. Now apply the mayo and follow the steps in the instructional. This will help kick-start the de-gluing process of the eggs. When lice lay their eggs, they use their saliva to glue them to the hair shaft. It sets like concrete! Vinegar dissolves the lice spit. The oil in the mayonnaise suffocates the live lice. While one method of getting rid of lice and their eggs is combing out with conditioner, the conditioner just makes the combing easier. Instead, you want to take advantage of the oil and vinegar in the mayo to work two-ways – suffocating the lice and de-gluing their eggs.

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Written By: Michelle Vogel (Owner/Inventor of Nit Free For Me)



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