One Day To Say Hello … One Day To Say Goodbye


save-the-children-hero 2As time ticks closer and bubby number 3 could literally be days away from making his appearance this campaign only becomes more real to me. Having gone through pregnancy 4 times (including this time) and labour twice it has always felt like a hectic process that pushes my body and babies to the limits.  I am so grateful to live in a country where I get free hospital and midwifery care and can not imagine what it would be like to not have access to any of these services.

If you can even spare $5 to donate to this amazing campaign it could mean the life of a baby to a mother who was not lucky enough to be born into the kind of privilege we are in Australia.  Watch the video below to see for yourself just how real this issue is …

Imagine having just one day with your newborn baby. For many mothers this is a painful reality. Each year, 1 million newborn babies do not survive their first day of life. With adequate healthcare and a trained midwife, more than half of these newborn deaths could be prevented. You can help ensure no child is born to die. Please give now at to make a difference. For many newborns, tomorrow is too late. #SAVEOneDay


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