Ten Tips to Help your Child Relax Going to the Dentist


443988_91621407Do you still feel terrified from your childhood dentist experiences haha??  I know there is still a cringe factor for me when it is time to go to the dentist.  We recently went to our first dentist appointment with Miss 6 and I had to try very hard to act like it was no big deal (as it is not) and put my childhood fears behind me.   For whatever the reason the dentist can be a very scary place for a child. So what do you do to help your kiddo relax before you take them to the dentist?  Below are a few different suggestions from School Mums about helping put your child’s mind at ease.

  1. If possible, make several appointments for your child. Have the appointments so that the child can meet the dentist. Another appointment so the child can sit in the chair. Eventually work to where the child will be more relaxed and allow for the dental work to be done.
  2. Before going to the dentist, try to do a role play at home. Play dentist so that the fear will subside some.
  3. Search out a dentist that will dress up as a tooth fairy. This can make the visit much more fun for the child and they are around the place.
  4. Show your child pictures of really ugly decaying teeth. This will help them learn that if they are not taken care of this is what happens.
  5. When searching for a dentist, be sure to look for one who is used to working with kids and has plenty of patience.
  6. Look for a pediatric dentist.
  7. Offer a reward for going to the dentist. Take them out to their favorite restaurant, or take them shopping for a new toy.
  8. Let your child go with you for a dentist checkup so that they can see that it is ok for you to do it.
  9. Ask the dentist for a local anesthetic
  10. Send gifts to the dentist to give your child while they are at the appointment. If the dentist has a gift for each stept he child takes, it will be more fun for the child.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be hard. If you can start the child out young with dentist visits, the child will be more at ease with going. Be encouraging to the child for a job well done. If you have fears of the dentist yourself, try hard not to let it rub off on your kiddo.

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