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We all look forward to the day when children reach the milestone when they are off to school, but one thing we may not be prepared for is the onset of childhood illnesses that are brought home from this educational institution.

We had been surprisingly untouched during the pre-school years and had the odd bout of gastro here and there, but it wasn’t until my first born started school that other school illnesses reared their heads.

I remember one mum saying to me after a note had gone home to the parents about a case of head lice in the class that their family had had everything from head lice, to worms and even bird lice. I think this is when the Girl Guide mentality kicked in and thought that prevention was better than cure. There was no way I was going to be a mum who could boast how many childhood illnesses, infections and parasites my children had contracted at school.

With a well stocked medical cabinet for the usual coughs and colds treatments, there were a few items that were missing and it wasn’t until each child contracted a new illness, that a new medicine or treatment was added. One such infection was the popular threadworm which is commonly found in pre-school and school age children and is the most common worm infection in Australia. With the way the eggs are transmitted, it’s no wonder children contract threadworm at school when they are sharing pencils, school equipment etc

The most common sign of anal itching was there so an effective and hassle free treatment was needed to combat these parasites.  COMBANTRIN® is Australia’s most trusted worming brand by mums and is clearly the most hassle free with its unique chocolate square medication. What child is going to refuse a dose of chocolate? It treats the whole family for Threadworms, as well as the rare worms, Roundworms and Hookworms, in a single dose.

Unless we lock ourselves in a giant bubble, it’s quite impossible to avoid common childhood illnesses that are picked up at school. However, with five simple tips, you can prevent or limit the degree of the illness or infection.

  1. Educate children on personal hygiene and washing hands before eating food
  2. Try to avoid children putting hands in mouths to stop the infestation of worm eggs
  3. Watch for the signs of threadworm infection; Itchy bottom (especially at night),Restless sleep, Irritability, Loss of appetite
  4. Treat the whole family to avoid reinfestation and transmission of parasite
  5. Keep the medical cabinet stocked with a dose of COMBANTRIN® for the whole family when unexpected visitors return.

Busy mums need a fuss free and effective solution on hand to combat one of the many childhood illnesses our children contract in their childhood. COMBANTRIN® is one brand you can trust to rid children of threadworms, roundworms or hookworms.

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